Primavera marked the launch of House, a public art project which in 2015 will be devoted to Kar-a-Sutra, a cycle of four works by Anthea Hamilton. Primavera was the first part of the cycle with a performance at the Bilia car dealership on Økernveien 115, Oslo.

HOUSE 2015, Primavera by Anthea Hamilton. Photo: Carsten Aniksdal

The performance simulated documentary images of Mario Bellini's Kar-a-Sutra, a proposal for the architectural section of the 1972 exhibition, Italy: The New Domestic Landscape, which took place at the Museum of Modern Art, New York. The images depict a troupe of mimes occupying this proposed ideal living space. Hamilton's performance took the format of a focus group, in which an interviewer asked them, ‘What are their requirements for a mobile communal home?’

Anthea Hamilton, Zsuzsa Benke, Beverley Chapman
Rosemary Jane Cronin, Ariana De Groot,
Elliott John Robert Fairweather,
Chun Tse-Ngo, Linda Vigdorčika

HOUSE 2015, Primavera by Anthea Hamilton. Photo: Carsten Aniksdal

Friday 20/03 was the premiere of the first video in a series of four by Anthea Hamilton that is screening throughout the year as part of the advertisement reel of Klingenberg cinema.

Watch the video here

Kar-a-sutra continues with L'Estate in June

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About Anthea Hamilton:

Anthea Hamilton (b. 1978, London) has recently been part of exhibitions at the 10th Gwangju Biennale; MuKHA, Antwerp; Glasgow International; Palais de Tokyo, Paris; and Tate Britain, London. Her film Venice (The Kabuki Version) was part of the 59th International Short Film Festival in Oberhausen, 2013. She will be having a solo exhibition at Sculpture Center, New York in September 2015.

About House:

House initiates and produces art in public space. Each year, House invites one artist to produce a new work. House is defined by production; each project establishes a new identity, design and mode of communication for House. In 2015 House produces a cycle of new works by Anthea Hamilton.

HOUSE is run by Steffen Håndlykken and Per Gunnar
Eeg-Tverbakk, who are curators and producers for the projects. Design by Eriksen / Brown.

P.B. 9185 Grønland
0134, Oslo

+47 40211281

House is supported by Public Art Norway (URO)